Friday, 18 November 2011

pka said so...

yeahh ! this is me . just a small town girl from Sandakan , Sabah . i'm born on 29 April 1995 . in my free time i like to cooking , online , hangout with my friend && crazy boyfie :D meeting a new people , find something new to do && SLEEP ! actually , i like to do all things in the world . what can i do , i do . what can't , i'll try to do :) because i just don't want wasting my time doing nothing . our time to stay in the world is too SHORT ! so , don't wasting time to think your mistakes . past is past ! don't judge anyone . you don't know their story && what's really going on . A SMILE CAN HIDE SO MUCH ! and for one moment , i know && learn about true friend . this moment , no matter who broke my heart , or how long it takes to heal , i'll never get to through it without my FRIEND :) half of my life , i've seen so many people crying . i'd cry too . hhe , so , when i'm cry i always remember this word ' people cry not because they're weak . it's because they've been strong for too long ' . i am teenage , same like you . we have fun , sad , fighting and so on . and sometimes when i say I'M OKEY , i want someone to look me in the eyes , hug me tight and say , I KNOW YOU'RE NOT OKEY . ooohh ! how lucky i am to have someone like that when i sad :) in my life , i just LOVE people who treat me right && forget about the ones who don't . and believe that everything happen for a reason :) come on ! this is your life , this is my life . we have our own life . it's up to you what you want to do with your life . IT'S YOURS ! i choose to live in my own dreams , because it's the only place where i'm happy .

                                                                                                                                                 xoxo :)